My signature spice blends offer a rich spectrum of flavors that will charm even the most discerning taste buds.

Throughout my culinary adventures, I have been blessed with experiences which encouraged me and gave me confidence to plunge into experimenting with exotic spices to develop my own signature blends.

I start with the highest quality grades from top countries of origin through my wholesale dealers. I blend and grind all these spices weekly to ensure the freshness.

Each jar is 4 oz. I can make the amount larger on special orders and price list will be provided upon your order(s). Please contact me on how to order.


I offer gift boxes around Christmas. These Indian Spice Blends are wonderful gift for anyone who loves to cook, or those who would like to learn. They also make very good hostess gifts. The gift boxes comes with recipes. Each year a new gift box is added to my collection.

Mild Curry Masala


Tandoori Masala


Garam Masala

Coriander / Cumin Masala


Roasted Cumin Masala


Chai Masala

Haldi / Mirch Masala

Spicy Kofta Masala

Hungarian Paprika


I was fortunate to be born and brought up in Delhi, which has been a celebrated center of Indian royal haute cuisine for centuries.

I have been cooking meals since I was 9 years old, although my own affinity, love and passion for cooking feels as though it came naturally to me.

Now I hold custom made private sessions on Indian Cuisine.

Some of the most delightful bon a petit moments for me have been delightful and savoring Indian cuisine prepared and served by Meena Sharma. A mixture of wonderful spices authenticated each bite. I highly recommend her skillful assertiveness in selecting spices that compliment and satisfy your taste.
Renee Sparks (personal friend and a writer)