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These spices are just splendid. Such a great flavor and quality, I haven't seen stuff like this within the store or at Whole Foods. I use them exclusively now and have also given them away to family and friends as gifts. I'm very happy to have discovered her spices at a trade show. Again, simply wonderful flavors!

Dr. Arvind J Petrie DMD   

Some of the most delightful bon a petit moments for me have been delightful and savoring Indian cuisine prepared and served by Meena Sharma. A mixture of wonderful spices authenticated each bite. I highly recommend her skillful assertiveness in selecting spices that compliment and satisfy your taste.

Renee Sparks (personal friend and a writer)   

The spice blends Meena create are very unique. They are based on traditional Indian spice blends but she has spent years modifying them to her taste. Her spice blends are very well balanced, complex and full of exciting flavors. She also is very demanding on the quality of her spices. They are all freshly processed from whole spices before blending. That is the reason that her spice blends stand out from others. They are far superior than most of the products on the market. All the blends are pure spices, with no salt, sugar or other additives. I have enjoyed Meena's spices for over 20 years and have always loved the food prepared using these spices!

Mimi Chan - Chinese Opera Co-ordinator   

Everytime I make Indian food with your spices, everyone just loves it.
I am so glad finding out about all these wonderful spices.
I have been enjoying cooking and will keep cooking with your spices for a long time.
Not only you create spices, you are the best cook as well!

Yasuko Tischler (student)   

I have been cooking with Meena's blends “Masalas” for couple of yrs and since then I have enjoyed these aromatic blends. Initially like most of Americans, I thought the Indian spices are hot and very spicy. Since I found Meena’s blends “Masalas” truly opened up a new door to the world of spices and my tastebuds. It has been totally a new experience for me. The “Mild Curry Masala” has been great for Chicken/Seafood and typically for those heat sensitive guests of mine. The “Tandoori Masala” is so rich in flavor and bold, it is a versatile mix for many of my many dishes, Tandoori Chicken, Prawns or grill fish, and on Steak Kababs marinated in Tandoori Masala yogurt for BBQs in summer time and it is not “Red” like most of the restaurants dishes! And her “Garam Masala”, one can not do without it, it enhances the flavors of all my curries and it is addicting with its strong ambrosial aroma.I have also used it on Baba Ganoush and Hummus, basically I can not do without it!

Melissa Moon